1. Special Note
The ownership rights, operation rights and other rights of "Simo Services" under "Simo User Services Agreement "(hereinafter referred to as "Agreement ") belongs to " Simo Holdings Inc. " (hereinafter referred to as "Simo").
We hereby remind you (the user) that before registering as a Simo user, please read this agreement carefully to ensure that you fully understand the terms of this agreement. Please carefully read and choose to accept or not accept this agreement. Unless you fully accept all the terms of this agreement, you do not have the right to register, log in or use the services covered by this Agreement. Your registration, login, use of services and other behaviors will be regarded as the full acceptance of this agreement, and agreement to accept the terms of this agreement. This Agreement sets forth the rights and obligations between Simo and its users with respect to the Service. "User" means an individual who registers, logs in, or uses the Service. This Agreement may be updated by Simo at any time. Once the updated terms of the agreement are announced, the original terms of the agreement will be replaced without any prior notice. Users can view the latest version of the agreement in the APP. After modifying the terms of the agreement, if the user does not accept the amended terms, please immediately stop using the service provided by Simo, the continued use of the service provided by Simo will be regarded as full acceptance of the modified agreement.
2. Account registration

1. Except the trial, users need to register a "Simo" account before using the service. The "Simo" account should be registered with your mobile phone number. You are required to register your "Simo" account with a mobile phone number that has not been registered with the "Simo" account and a mobile phone number that Simo has not blocked under this agreement. Simo can make changes to the method of account registration and binding according to user or product requirement without prior notice to the users.

2. If the registered applicant has a precedent banning by Simo, or is suspected of falsely registering and abusing the name of others in registration, and other reasons that not being able to get permission, Simo will refuse his application for registration.

3. Because of the registration method of "Simo" account, users agree that Simo will obtain the user's mobile phone number and mobile phone device identification code for registration.

4. When registering and using the service, users agree Simo to collect personal information that can identify the user so that Simo can contact the user when necessary or provide a better user experience. The information Simo collects includes, but not limited to, the user's name and address; Simo agrees that the use of such information will be subject to Article 10, the protection of user's personal privacy information.

3. Account security

1. Once the users register successfully, become "Simo" legitimate users, they will obtain an account (users' phone number) and password. Users need to be cautious and reasonable to save, use the account number and password. Users have the right to use their own account number and password to login Simo on at any time, can also change the password at any time. If users find any illegal use of users' accounts or security vulnerabilities, please immediately notify "Simo" or report to the public security organization.

2. The user is fully responsible for the security of the user's account and password, meanwhile bears full responsibility for all activities and behaviors performed by his user account.

3. Users may not transfer or authorize others to use their own Simo user accounts in any form.

4.If the user leaks the password, may lead to adverse legal consequence, so no matter any reason causes the user's password leaking or security being threated, the user should immediately contact the Simo customer service staff, before Simo stop using the user account, all legal responsibility caused by the use of this account will be assumed by the user.

4. User statement and guarantee

1.The user promises he or she is a civil entity with full civil capacity and civil liability, and has the ability to reach this agreement and perform all obligations under this agreement.

2.The user is obliged to provide their own real information when registering, and guarantee the validity, authenticity and security of the contents such as mobile phone number, name, location, etc., ensuring that "Simo" staff can get in touch with the user through the above contact method. At the same time, the user is also obliged to update the relevant registration information in time when the relevant information is actually changed.

3. This Agreement is made in accordance with the relevant laws, rules and regulations of the State, and the user agrees to strictly observe the following provisions:
• (1) The transmission of technical information from China to the outside of China must comply with relevant Chinese laws and regulations.
• (2) Do not use "Simo" service for illegal activities at any time.
• (3) Do not interrupt or disrupt network service at any time.
• (4) Comply with all network protocols, regulations, procedures and practices that use web service. Users must promise not to transmit any illegal and criminal, harassing, slandering, insulting, threatening, terrible, vulgar, obscene, uncivilized, unhealth and other information; do not transmit information that damage to the public Interests of country and society or information related to national security; do not transmit information that abet others to engage in the behaviors prohibited by the laws, regulations and this agreement. Unauthorized access to other computer system is also prohibited. Simo reserves the right to immediately stop providing service to users if the user's behavior does not comply with the prohibited terms mentioned above. Users need to take legal responsibility for their internet behavior. If users use the service to distribute reactionary, pornographic or other information that violates national law, the system record of the service may take these as evidence that users are breaking the law.

5. Service content

Simo" service, by its own operating system, provides network service to users over the Internet, and other services in the software available to Simo users.
At the same time, the users must:
• (1) Own mobile phone device equipped with Internet access.
• (2) Afford telephone cost, network fee and so on of personal online access related to this service.
In the meantime, based on the importance of the web service provided by "Simo" service, users should agree to:
(1) provide exhaustive, accurate personal information.
(2) Constantly update the registration information, in line with timely, detailed and accurate requirement.

6. Termination of service

1.Simo has the right to terminate the service to users in the following cases:

(1) Simo has the right to terminate the service to the user when the user violates any national or local laws, regulations or the relevant provisions of this agreement. If the user once again registers as a user, directly or indirectly, or in the name of another person, Simo has the right, upon discovery, to unilaterally terminate the service to the user;

(2) If Simo contacts the user through the information provided by the user, finding that the contact information filled up by the user in registration is no longer available or cannot be connected. Simo will notify the user to change through the other contact information, and the user remains failing to provide new contact information within three working days, Simo has the right to terminate the service to the user;

(3) Simo reserves the right to terminate the service to the user at any time once Simo discovers that the data or information provided by the user is fake.

(4) When the service terms are terminated or updated, the user is expressly reluctant to accept the new service terms;

(5) other situation Simo think the service needs to be terminated.

2. After the termination of service, Simo is not obliged to retain any information in or related to the original account for the user, or forward any information that has not been read or sent to users or the third party.

7. Service change, interruption

1. Due to the special nature of network service, users agree that Simo reserves the right to update, interrupt part or all of its network services and delete (no longer save) any information submitted by users during the use without notifying users, and need not to bear any responsibility for any user or any third party.

2. Simo need to regularly or irregularly detect or update all types of operators to which it provides network service, if these cause the interruption of network service within a reasonable time, Simo need not to bear any responsibility for this.

8. Revision of service terms

1.Simo reserves the right to modify any content of the service term at any time, once any changes in the service term, Simo will prompt the modified content to users in the appropriate way.

2.If you do not agree with the modification of service term conducted by Simo, users have the right to stop using the service.

3.If the user continues to use the service, the user is deemed as fully accepting the modification of service term by Simo.

9. Disclaimer and compensation statement

1.If Simo has made it clear that its service delivery method has updated and reminded users of matters needing attention, the users do not operate as requirement, all the consequences will be assumed by the user.

2. The users explicitly agree that the risk provided or caused by using the service will be assumed entirely by themselves, all the consequences caused by using the service will be assumed by themselves.

3.The users agree to protect and defend the interests of Simo and other users, the behaviors that are illegal, untrue, improper, infringe the legitimate rights and interests of third party in the use of service, or the loss to Simo and any other third party because users violate any terms under this agreement, the users agree to bear liability for damages thereby.

10. Privacy statement

1. Scope of application:

(1) The personal registration information that is provided by the user upon requirement when registering Simo account;

(2) The server data on the user's browser that Simo automatically receives and records when the user uses the services or accesses related web pages, including but not limited to data such as IP addresses and web pages required by the user.

2. Use of information:

(1) Simo will not sell or lend the user's personal information to anyone except with the prior permission of the user.

(2) Simo also does not allow any third party to collect, edit, sell or disseminate the user's personal information by any means. If any user's engagement in any of the above activities is discovered, Simo reserves the right to immediately stop the user from using the service and close the user's account.

(3) For the purpose of serving the user, Simo may provide service to the user by using the user's personal information, including but not limited to sending information of products and services to user or sharing the information with cooperative partners so that they send information of their products and services to the user.

3. Information disclosure: The user's personal information will be disclosed in whole or in part in the following circumstances:

(1) It is disclosed to third party with the user's permission;

(2) It is disclosed in accordance with the relevant provisions of law or at the request of administrative or judicial authorities;

(3) It is necessary to be disclosed to third party if the user violates relevant Chinese laws or website policies;

(4) When we must share the user's personal information with third party in order to provide the products and services requested by the user;

(5) Other disclosures that Simo considers appropriate under the law or website policies;

(6) As for the user's bank account information that is provided when the user uses Simo, Simo will strictly comply with the confidentiality agreement.

11. Ownership of network service

The content Simo service obtains include: texts, software, data, codes, symbols, sounds, images, pictures, graphics, etc.; the full contents of e-mails; and other information Simo provides for its users. The intellectual property rights referring to all of these contents, and other property rights or non-property rights are protected by law. Therefore, users can only read, use and obtain these contents with authorization from the obligee. They cannot copy, add, delete, tamper with or edit these contents, or create derivative products related to this content. The contents of "Simo" website are owned by Simo Company. Anyone who needs to quote and reprint articles on the "Simo" service website must obtain an authorization from Simo Company.

12. Limitation of liability

If The force majeure or other reasons that Simo cannot control, make Simo service system crash or unable to work normally, result in failure to provide service to users or loss of relevant information and records, Simo will provide reasonable assistance in handling the aftermath, do best to protect customers from loss, but Simo does not assume any liability for users.

13. Jurisdiction and application of law

1. The conclusion, implementation and interpretation of this Agreement and the settlement of disputes shall be governed by the laws of China. In case of "Simo" service term conflicting with Chinese law, these terms will be reinterpreted in full accordance with the law, while other valid terms shall remain in force. If there is any dispute between both parties regarding the contents of this agreement or its implementation, both parties shall make every effort to solve the dispute through friendly negotiation. If the negotiation fails, either party may bring a lawsuit to the people's court where Simo Company resided.

2. No matter any terms of this agreement are invalid or not enforceable for any reason, the remaining terms are still valid and binding on both parties.

3. The ultimate interpretation right of this agreement are owned by Simo Company, and Simo Company reserves all the rights of interpretation and amendment.

4. Please note that: refund request should be submitted in 3 months after your purchase, otherwise, it will not be processed.

5.This agreement is applicable from the date of 2018-01-01.