How to Transfer your Data Plan(s) from an old SIMO account to a new one?

You need to email SIMO customer service ( or ask on SIMO online Customer Service for help.

Step 1: Make sure that your new device support on SIMO

You need to agree on SIMO's Term of Use before applying for the Data Plan(s) transfer.

Please understand that SIMO is only available on limited phone models. if your new phone does not support SIMO, we cannot do the transfer, nor can we refund the data plan on your old SIMO account.

Step 2: Verifying your identity

Your phone number should be verified you buy SIMO data for the first time, according to the Nigerian Communications Commission(NCC). That phone number will be used to verify your identity before the Data Plan(s) transfer.

We regret that your application will be rebutted if your phone number hasn’t been verified.

  • Please send us the phone number you registered in SIMO KYC process.
  • A verification code will be sent to the phone number. Please reply the code to us, through email or online Customer Service.
  • Once the code is confirmed by us, you will be allowed to transfer your Data Plan(s) from an old SIMO account to a new one, or freeze your Data Plan(s) temporarily. Please note that you will be asked to accept the SIMO ASSET TRANSFER SERVICE AGREEMENT before we transfer or freeze your Data Plan(s).

If your phone number that linked with old SIMO account cannot get a code, please refer to the following method:

Please send us following info through email ( or SIMO online Customer Service:

  • Your phone number that used to register your identity (KYC) when you made the first purchase on SIMO.
  • The name you registered in SIMO KYC process.
  • The date of birth you registered in SIMO KYC process.
  • The last Data Plan(s) you bought on SIMO.
  • The date of your last purchase on SIMO.
  • Your aim for this application: to transfer your Data Plan(s) or to freeze them.

If you want to transfer your Data Plan(s), please tell us the phone number for SIMO service registration on your new device or your SIMO User ID.

Your claims of the acceptance of SIMO ASSET TRANSFER SERVICE AGREEMENT.

After receiving your application with the above information, we will start to verify your identity. Once verified, we will transfer or freeze your Data Plan(s) based on your application.

We recommend you to send us your new SIMO ID, so we can transfer your Data Plan(s) immediately after you passed the verification. The red circled number in the image below shows where SIMO ID is.

No matter your application is accepted or not, we will let you know the result in 36 working-hour (From Mon. to Fri. 9:00 A.M to 6:00 P.M., GMT+8) once you applied.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have many phone numbers, I don’t know which one is used for verification.

The phone number we ask for is the one you used in identity verification when you buy SIMO Data Plan(s) for the first time. If you cannot remember which one is linked, please tell us all of your phone numbers, we can check it manually.

Can I contact SIMO team for Data transfer/freeze on WhatsApp?

For security reasons, you can only ask for SIMO Data Plan(s) transfer via email ( or SIMO online Customer Service. Application through social media channels such as facebook, twitter, or WhatsApp will not be accepted.

How long would it take to do Data Plan(s) transfer/freeze?

We may need about 36 working hours (From Mon. to Fri. 9:00 A.M to 6:00 P.M., GMT+8) to check your identity and transfer/freeze your Data Plan(s) . We will also reply to you via email or contact you through the phone no matter your application is accepted or not.

What if I failed to verify the identity?

Your identity will be verified based on the phone number and identity info you registered while doing the KYC on your previous SIMO account. Therefore, please input carefully when doing the registration. We will also give you the reason if your identity check is failed. If you failed the verification, your Data Plan(s) cannot be transferred or frozen.

Can I transfer all my SIMO Data Plan(s) to any phone?

Please note that currently, SIMO is only available on specified models. Please make sure SIMO is available on your device, otherwise, your application will not be dealt, and your Data Plan(s) cannot be refunded, either.

After Data Plan transferring, I do not see the data on my new phone, how it comes?

Please make sure that SIMO service is on in your new device. If the problem still exists, please ask our customer service for help.

My questions are not listed here, what should I do?

Please email us via or our online Customer Service for more info.