Frequently Asked Questions

You can install SIMO on any Android phone, but it will only work on select phone models that have virtual SIM technology built into the phone’s chip. You can check the “Phones with SIMO” page to find a list of compatible phones available today. If you do not see your desired device listed, please contact support to let us know.
To provide best user experience, we will show "SIMO does not support your phone" on the page if your phone's chip is not compatible with SIMO.
SIMO support 130 countries and regions, and it happens when SIMO does not cover your region. We are sorry about that, please use WiFi physical SIM for internet access.
SIMO provide internet service only, calling, SMS or MMS is not supported.
If you have only one physical SIM in your phone, the answer is Yes. If you have 2 SIMs in your phone, SIMO may occupy one physical SIM. You can check the form for more details.
You can Close SIMO service or Reconnect on the “Personal Center” tab.
You can click the "Reconnect" button on the “Personal Center” tab. SIMO will switch to the best local netwrok for you.